Remember how as kids our moms would pester us to finish our glass of milk every morning? Super annoying, right? But what we are about to tell you, will totally change your perception about this food staple. Don’t worry, we are not asking you to drink any of that milk. Instead, we are asking you to include some raw milk in your beauty routine. Yes, you read that right! Raw milk possesses amazing skincare benefits that will transform your skin and make it appear clear and brighter. How, you ask?

So, here are the awesome benefits of raw milk for your skin…

1.Cleanses the face – Milk makes for an effective facial cleanser. Just dip a small piece of cotton in raw milk and then wipe your face with it. After cleansing your face with milk, use fresh water to wash off the residue. This will help keep your face fresh and glowing throughout the day.

2.Works as an effective skin toner – Raw milk is brimming with lactic acid which is really important for anyone with uneven texture and skin tone. The moisturising properties of raw milk intensely hydrate your skin, improve elasticity and keep it soft and supple. When used as a toner, it helps to tighten skin and keep it looking youthful.

3.Works as a natural moisturizer – One of the most effective raw milk benefits is moisturization. This is not exactly a secret benefit of raw milk. Raw milk nourishes deeper skin layers and offers conditioning and moisturization from inside. It effectively treats the common problem of winter dryness too. You can look forward to use natural raw milk face masks to enjoy a well toned and moisturized skin for all seasons.

4.Provides softer skin – In order to achieve softer skin, apply raw milk on your neck and face. Keep it on for close to 10 minutes. Then, use fresh water to rinse your face. You will instantly notice softer and fairer skin as a result.

5.Eliminates tan – Another great benefit of raw milk is that it helps to get rid of tan, pigmentation and dark spots. Thanks to the high lactic acid content, applying raw milk to your skin helps to even out skin tone, brighten your complexion and gives your skin a hard-to-miss glow.

6.Helps exfoliate skin – Raw milk can be used as a natural skin exfoliant. This is because it contains beta hydroxy acid and is a natural way to get rid of dry and dead skin, giving you soft skin in the process.

7.Ensures softer hair – By rubbing milk on your scalp before washing it will ensure that your hair remains nourished from the inside-out. This remedy is especially effective for women who have dry and rough hair and are looking for a natural remedy.

8.Prevents acneRaw milk possesses acne fighting properties as it removes the excess accumulation of oil over the skin and also controls the drying of the skin, both of these conditions are responsible for the formation of acne.

Some beauty mask using raw milk :

1.Skin toning face mask – Add a few drops of lemon juice to raw milk and mix well. Add rose water if you have a dry skin type. Apply on face and neck, and leave to dry for 15 minutes. Wash with lukewarm water if the skin is oily and with normal tap water if the skin is dry.

2. Anti-Acne raw milk face mask–  Add 2/3rd’s TBSP of Fuller’s Earth to just enough raw milk (beat) until it forms a thick paste. Add Rose water if you tend to have more dry skin.

3. Anti-Aging & glow & hydration Take it up a notch and mix some raw milk with a ripe (brown spots), mashed banana to help reduce fine line and wrinkles, and even age spots!Use the milk-sugar mix to buff away old skin cells and bring out a natural glow to your skin. The natural enzymes brighten as they clean away the dead skin.Sugared raw milk will help you look refreshed, not stressed.

4.Face pack for a brighter skin – It is traditional remedy for a fairer skin tone. Turmeric has anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidants properties. When you mix turmeric with milk it become all-time great remedy for a brighter skin.

5.Body lotion made with raw milk for a healthy and flawless skin– This is a different but effective body lotion. It works well. You will use fair and lovely cream to make this amazing body lotion. Take 2 -3 tsp of raw milk. Add some fair and lovely cream. Mix it well. Apply it on your face or on your full body after bath.

6.Raw milk and glycerin moisturizer – Raw milk itself a good moisturizer but when you add glycerin with this, its moisturizing properties enhances. It is the best moisturizer you can use in winter to avoid dry and rough skin. Take 2 tsp of milk, Add ½ tsp of glycerine into it, Mix it well. Apply it on your face or body. Leave it there. You can use this daily in winters

7.For softer hair – mash half a banana before adding a few tablespoons of raw milk to it. Apply it on hair and leave it on for 30-45 minutes. Rinse,shampoo and condition.

Raw milk has been used for centuries in our tradition for skin-related benefits. It is a rich source of Vitamin B, calcium, alpha hydroxy acids and a powerful anti-oxidant. It is a common practice in our society to use raw milk as a moisturizer.


sunita senapati

By sunita senapati

Sunita Senapati, believes that Nature itself is the best physician, a healer and a restorer which calms our mind, soothes our soul and cures our body.

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