Summer is here, and that means so is our summer ‘glow’ – except sometimes it’s more of an oil slick than a glow, and we’re really not feeling it.

 Want to throw off the summer tan? This time avoid the pricey facials, exotic wraps and other regimens and get a load of something that has been around for ages….clay! Known as one of nature’s most potent cleansers, clay has detoxifying and curing properties. It aims to restrict sebum oil on the skin’s surface, amply reducing skin irritation and redness and preventing further buildup of impurities.

Kaolin clay is unique from other popular facial clays. It has a neutral pH and contains high amounts of silicon dioxide, which is beneficial to skin and hair. Silicon dioxide is a trace mineral present in plant-based foods as well as rocks and is the only form of silica that the body can absorb. Kaolin clay is ideal for those with sensitive skin, dry skin, and more mature skin.

 Benefits of Kaolin Clay

  1. Gently Exfoliates – Despite Kaolin clay’s gentle nature, it can still remove dirt and other impurities from the skin. Its exfoliating properties are effective but remain gentle enough to not cause irritation or inflammation.
  2. Strengthens Hair – Its effectiveness at removing impurities makes Kaolin clay a great hair and scalp cleanser as well. It cleans away the dirt without removing the important natural oils while promoting circulation in the scalp.
  3. Helps Reduce Oily Skin – Since Kaolin clay does not have the excessive drying, it doesn’t suck out as much oil. But this is good news since it’s recommended for people who don’t overproduce oil anyway, so Kaolin clay will only ever draw out enough oil to maintain a healthy balance in the skin.
  4. Relieves Irritated Skin – Kaolin clay has mild cooling and healing properties. This makes it a soothing solution to skin irritations such as rashes, bug bites, and minor scrapes.
  5. Whitens Teeth – Kaolin clay’s impurity-drawing abilities also make it a good alternative for commercial toothpaste. It helps clean the teeth by pulling out toxins and gunk and even breaks down tartar.

Kaolin clay different masks

1.Classic mask– Dilute white clay with warm water (or milk) to the desired consistency. The resulting creamy mixture is applied on the face with a thick layer. Try not to affect the area around the eyes. After about 15 minutes wash off the mask with lukewarm water. After the clay mask, it is necessary to apply a nourishing cream.

2.Kaolin Clay And Apple Cider Vinegar mask for acne prone skin – make paste, apply and keep for 5 minutes,

3.Kaolin Clay And egg hair Mask – Apply on damp hair, keep for 30 minutes, wash and condition

4.Kaolin Clay for dry skin– Dilute white clay (2 tablespoons) with warm water until the desired consistency is achieved. After mixing, immediately before applying to the face add 1 tablespoon of unrefined olive oil.

5.Wash Your Hair with Clay– Mix 1-2 tablespoons of clay powder with water in a non-metallic container. For long or very curly hair, you need to add more clay and make the mixture thinner, but not runny. Wet your hair as usual, then massage the mixture into the scalp for a few minutes. Saturate hair thoroughly and make sure to reach your scalp. Rinse hair thoroughly, using plenty of running water; otherwise, the tiny clay particles can remain in your hair. Most clays have much higher alkalinity than your hair. An apple cider vinegar rinse helps to restore your hair’s natural pH balance after washing it with clay.

6.Kaolin clay teeth whitener – very high in calcium, silica, zinc and magnesium.  and it helps to whiten and polish teeth. Even those with very sensitive teeth can use this 2x a day without sensitivity issues. Coconut oil + kaolinclay + activated charcoal – apply, leave for 2 minutes, wash

Rejuvenate yourself with all benefits of kaolin clay !! happy summer !!




sunita senapati

By sunita senapati

Sunita Senapati, believes that Nature itself is the best physician, a healer and a restorer which calms our mind, soothes our soul and cures our body.

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